Sunday, August 29, 2010

... stop the constant interference [ of provincial government ] in local-decision making. The voters put their faith in you to make the best decisions for your local communities.

The Government's Green Energy Act strips decision-making away from the elected municipal governments and bestows it on faceless bureaucrats at the OPA. This is why, in the face of strenuous local objections we have seen the government plough ahead with schemes to install giant wind industrial wind farms where ever they see fit. This is wrong.

Certainly renewable energy should be part of Ontario'a supply mix, but only where it is welcomed, and wanted, and at prices ratepayers can afford.

Remarks by Tim Hudak, MPP
Leader of the Ontario PC Party
Speech to the Association of Ontario Municipalities, Aug 17, 2010

It is expected that the public consultation will begin in late-October or early-November, intentionally timed so as not to become an election issue for the municipal government. As a side note, while not officially opposed to the project, the municipal government does appear very much concerned about the possible impacts and have publically stated that the project must in no way affect the flow of the river.

Do you know how your Councillor stands on the issue?

As an aside, Town Council has expressed a great deal of worry over the lack of decision-making power left in municipal hands. Though the Green Energy Act (May 2009) the Province has the ability to overrule the decision of the local communities in regards to 'green' energy projects. This effectively eliminates the ability of a town to choose what is best for themselves. The Petawawa Council has on a number of occasions expressed frustration over this, and in fact the Association of Ontario Municipalities is also concerned. To this end, MPP Sylvia Jones (supported by Hudak) has introduced Bill 29 to "amend the Planning Act to reverse the effect of the amendments made by the Green Energy and Green Economy Act." More details are the links below.

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

This is an election issue! Where do they stand?

This is an election issue.
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Public 'consultation' will begin in the fall. This is intentionally being times to avoid becoming an election issue for the municipal elections.

Now I for one would want to know where my Mayor (or Reeve, or Councillor) stands on this issue. It is the most critical and contentious issue that the Town has been presented with in recent years, and resident should know where there elected official stand on the issue.

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In other news, the Xeneca scientist team has been down to the river a few times in the past month to check things out. We know they arent there for the swimming.... Makes you wonder if the low water like we have now is what we have to look forward to once the damn dam and damn diversion goes in.

The full details of the Project have been released to the public through an Access to Information Request initiated by a concerned member of the public. It is 190+ page document, that scares the cr@p out of me (and it should you as well). I'll try to get it available to you shortly, as well as pull some of the more important pieces out as a highlight.

Please stay tuned. Please stay involved.