Thursday, April 15, 2010

What does this mean to you?

So what has happened over the winter? Good question. The developer certainly isnt forthcoming with information, but one wouldn't expect that from a company that is seeking to steal a river from the people of Petawawa.

It remains difficult to get answers on the project progression.

It also remains difficult to get even updates on the project.

This is what we know so far:

The received their feed-in tariff, which means that the Province will allow them to sell electricity to the grid. That is a big win for the developers.

An advisory committee has been selected. It seems that they chose the participants at random. No one from Petawawa's recreational user community was asked to participate.

They held a 'public consultation' in the summer with select resident of Black Bay, the group least affected by this project. Didnt hear about it? Not surprised. Its not like they wanted you to attend anyway.

So that's where we sit.

Still locked out from discussions, still looking for answers and still left waiting and hoping that somehow these theives and vandals will leave the river the way it should be.

Tell your friends, to tell their friends to tell anyone who will listen.


The picture at the top is from the Ashlu River, a very similar situation to the one in Petawawa. Water is diverted through a huge pipe and returned to the river once the gradient is gone. The water that remains in the riverbed is coming out of that small tube. Seriously. That is what is left over.

As you see in the second picture, the Developer would take water from Railroad Rapid and return it BELOW Catwalk rapid. Thanks. Green energy my ass.
Even the Squamish town council fought to prevent this dam and lost. Don't let it happen to the Petawawa.