Thursday, May 6, 2010

Photo©David Rhodes, Deep River. Taken at Lover's Rapid, May 2, 2010 during the Hell or High Water Race.

Read the Xeneca presentation here: DAMN PRESENTATION

It truly is a wonderful resource for the people of this area, and to have to destroyed for a small amount of electricity (all of which is surplus for our local communities) would be a shame.
The communication with the public on this project has been deplorable. You can hear the Mayor and Council express their concerns with this aspect as well. The project has been steamrolling ahead for years without any real opportunity for residents to have their say.

The Xeneca presentation at the May 3 2010 council meeting was more of the same. Empty promises to do more, and questions left unanswered.

What will happen to Catwalk pond?
What about the fishing at the mouth of the Pet?
Will there be water left to swim or float the rapids?
How many trees will be cut from the side of the bank when they build the roads to construct this dam, the tail race, the turbine and the diversion canal?
Will there be lasting jobs in our area, once the construction is done?
All of these remain unanswered.

Are residents nervous? You bet we are.


On a more positive note, the 2nd annual Hell or High Water Festival was held on May 1, and saw over 200 boaters and en equal number of people out spectating and interacting with the river in a positive way. There is alot at stake with this damn project.

The council has every right to be nervous, and so do residents.

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