Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We need your help! This is how.

The dam is for real, and residents are not being fairly informed. Check out http://www.petawawadevelopments.com
Here is a copy of the advertisment welcoming comment. http://www.liquidlore.com/petrace/dam_notice.pdf

Although we are gaining ground in terms of media and public awareness, we still need your help. As the .pdf outlines, Petawawa Green Energy Development (PGED) is preparing their Waterpower Site Strategy. They are accepting comments from the public, and are then required / expected to address them when they submit the WSS to the Ministry of Natural Resources.

This is not the same as a public consultation for an EA. That comes later. What I need from the kayaking and outdoors community is to take a second to send off an e-mail to info@petawawadevelopments.com in regards to 2KB21 at Big Eddy at the CPR Bridge and tell them you arent so keen on this development.

Step One: Click the e-mail address given above or below.
Step Two: Cut and paste the letter from the first post, or please feel free to write your own personal note.
Step Three: Send.
Step Four: Tell a friend to do the same.

The letters don't have to be pretty, just get them in.

And remember, this is only the first step, and we will need your support again when the Environmental Assessment period begins for the actual construction.

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