Monday, June 22, 2009

I am concerned over recent actions to develop a hydro power project on the Petawawa River.

The Petawawa River represents a beautiful recreational resource for the people of Petawawa and the surrounding area. It is one of the few remaining largely un-dammed rivers in Southern Ontario, it flows right from the heart of Algonquin Park, and its whitewater rapids are the very namesake of the town.

This hydro project – should it reach completion – will be robbing us of all this. The river will be largely dewatered, leaving only a bare minimum flow. The rapids will be silenced, the Catwalk swimming hole stagnant, and the sport fishing opportunities will be forever impacted over the entire stretch from the mouth of the river, right up through Black Bay.
I ask, that the Waterpower Site Strategy document outline in detail how these concerns will be mitigated.

To imagine the Town of Petawawa without this beautiful section of whitewater is inconceivable. And, to give away such a resource for a short term monetary gain would be a foolish decision.
The public will lose, while the project developers will gain.

So, I am writing as a resident of Petawawa, the County of Renfrew, the Province of Ontario and citizen of Canada, and raising my voice in objection to the damming and ultimate destruction of this section of river. And, if given the opportunity to do so, I ask that we all take every possible step to ensure that this river continues to flow free, clean and wild for generations to come.


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I consider myself a recreational user of the Petawawa River, and therefore a stakeholder in any project that threatens the Petawawa River. I wish to be consulted and informed of any project developments.


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